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Tom McCormack

TOM McCORMACK is an editor at Alt Screen and the Film and Electronic Art editor at Idiom. His writing has appeared in Film Comment, Moving Image Source, Cinema Scope, Rhizome, and other publications.

EVENT HORIZON: Roy Lichtenstein’s Three Landscapes

Pop Art’s not remembered for landscapes, but Roy Lichtenstein made a number of them. Most famous are his sunrises, which use the bold and grotesquely simplified shapes of comic book abstraction to render nature a collection of easily legible glyphs.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Adam Curtis at e-flux

This spring, e-flux feted the British television journalist Adam Curtis with a complete retrospective of his documentary essays. The Desperate Edge of Now, curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, marked yet another major stage in the canonization of one of the most ambitious contemporary political filmmakers.

Eye Washes: ROBERT BREER, 1926–2011

A fixture of the New American Cinema, experimental animator Rober Breer pioneered a form of cinematic collage that used single-frame editing and omnium-gatherums of chaotic imagery to shape the quotidian into whirligig treatises on the nature of perception.


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