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Sophie Gilbert

London, England's Sophie Gilbert is a secret fan of Disney movies who currently resides in Queens.

Glee Club: How an elementary school choir found global fame.

It’s a rainy, gloomy Friday afternoon in Staten Island, but Gregg Breinberg refuses to let the conditions dampen his enthusiasm. Inside the PS 22 school auditorium, 70 fifth-graders are rehearsing choral arrangements with Breinberg, their musical director, affectionately referred to by all as “Mr. B.”

Two Places At Once

Haynes is no ordinary filmmaker, and I’m Not There is no ordinary biopic. Tricky, powerful, sometimes ridiculous, it eludes definition. Haynes cast both a black eleven-year-old boy and an Australian woman as Dylan. On, paper it sounds ridiculous, but on film, strangely, it works—sometimes.

Your Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

One of the predicaments that producers face when translating Asian horror movies into English is our profound lack of, like, spirituality. In Eastern culture ghosts are accepted, feared and revered.

This "Dream" is a Nightmare

In an interview with the London Guardian in 2004, while filming in the city, Woody Allen said of his recent spate of films, “If I keep working, I think it’s possible that I could do a great film by accident.”


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