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Shelley Pasnik

Shelley Pasnik is a senior researcher at the Center for Children and Technology and the independent producer of The PBS Parents Guide to Children and Media.

NYC's Big ReStore

For the last year and half, New Yorkers have been making the trek to Queens for a variety of reasons: a desire to protect the natural environment, a longing to lay their hands on outsized art supplies, and the chance to save the green lining in their wallets if not their streets.

Stop Them—Before It’s Too Late

There is much to be upset about these days, as double-word triggers will attest: Haliburton’s contracts, Bennett’s slots, aircraft photo-ops, tax cuts. Even Mother Nature seems pissed off, serving up a reluctant spring on the heels of a dastardly winter war, hurling tractor-trailers across the Midwest, then springing for a lunar eclipse only to refuse to pull back the thick cloud curtain. Indeed, one need look no further than the pages of this publication to find reasons to spew invective, to rant, to rail.

RESPONSE: A Tribute, of Sorts

In the May/June issue of the Brooklyn Rail, Cathy Nan Quinlan makes a glorious attempt to connect two painters, Vermeer and Clyfford Still, and a baked organic chicken.

Learning from Buster

The Department of Education has done a tremendous disservice to America’s children.


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