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Sarah Falkner

SARAH FALKNER is a writer, artist, licensed practitioner of healing arts and activist based in Hudson and weaning herself from a 20-year relationship with Brooklyn. Falkner's first novel "Animal Sanctuary" was selected by Stacey Levine for the 7th annual Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction and will be released October 2011; she also co-authored "City of Salt," (Aperture: 2005), with visual artists Kahn and Selesnick and writer Erez Lieberman. Falkner co-founded and co-curated Hudson's (hi)story labor(atory) experimental collaborative multimedia arts space yearlong project, and currently co-hosts the monthly show "Roots, Runners, Rhizomes: Health & Healing from the Underground" on community radio station WGXC.

Some Films in Which Kitty Dawson Appears

Clouds gather and clot the clear blue expanse of the sky until it is thick and heavy and threatening to do something: what? As above, so below: a variety of dogs begin to appear in the streets, first singly, then doubly, then, if not already accompanied by a pack, joining up one already on patrol.


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SEPT 2023

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