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Ray Nedzel

Rayman Nedzel lives inside the Beltway, but thinks outside of the box.

It’s the Shopping Cart, Stupid

Over and over again we hear the standard stump speech place blame on the opponent for anything bad—poverty, school violence, the hole in the ozone, obesity; and meanwhile claim responsibility for anything good—the creation of jobs, the bull market, the saving of sea turtles, and the bright colors of the flag.

Economy: Learning from the Beltway

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.” “Visualize World Peace.” “Maryland Terps No.1! Maryland Terps No.1!” I’m stuck in DC traffic. The Market is driving off a bridge. I only want to cross a bridge.

Want to Save PBS? Make it Pay-Per-View

Poor Nina Totenberg. Her name has been attached to the most widely, albeit politely, spammed email ever about the NEA, NPR and PBS.

Another Really Outstanding Article

The current trend in everyday conversation is to use large words- grand, or rather, grandiose words.

Economy: First Things Third

Just spell “No.” In his freshman year as President, Junior is acting very sophomoric. According to an NPR report, Bush proudly claims to have spent a whole 5 hours going over, in detail, his new budget.

Political Economy $101

Lost in all the frenzy about who won the election was the fact that more money was spent on this campaign than any other in history.


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