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Rachel Kranz

Rachel Kranz is a novelist, playwright, journalist, and director who founded Theater of Necessity, a political and poetic theater. She is the author of a novel, Leaps of Faith, a comic epic about actors, union organizers, and gay marriage, and she also maintains a blog, Adventures in Poker. She is currently at work on Entanglement, a novel about how the U.S. legacy of slavery shapes our lives today.

Talking Band’s Hot Lunch Apostles Serves Up Religion, Raunch, and Desperation

The company is the Talking Band, and the show is Hot Lunch Apostles. When the play was first produced at La MaMa in 1983 and again in 1984, its apocalyptic vision of 50 million unemployed and a society dominated by religious fundamentalists was set several decades in the future. In this remount—set to open on March 1, 2012—the production is set in the present.


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