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Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider co-edits the journal Killing the Buddha ( and blogs at The Row Boat ( He lives in Clinton Hill.

Blessed And Holy Confusion

“Killing? I thought it was renovation,” says Ben, an SUV-driving pop artist. He is a character in “Revolt of the Castrati,” a new play by Edwin Lynch.

Big Hopes for a Slow Opera:

“No, not satya-graha,” whispered one of them, rolling her eyes again. “Satya-agraha!” The handful of adult students from the American Sanskrit Institute in New Jersey were having a visibly great time, even though Philip Glass mispronounced the name of his own opera.

New York, Calling Farm Animals

New York City used to have factories and it used to have farms. A few leftover factories, the Queens County Farm Museum, and the occasional community garden are all that remain of either in the post-industrial landscape.


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