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Marcella Durand

Marcella Durand's most recent books are Rays of the Shadow (Tent Editions, 2017) and Le Jardin de M. (The Garden of M.), with French translations by Olivier Brossard (joca seria, 2016).

Marcella Durand

"Metaphor Exchange," "The Prospect," "Earth’s Horizon"


Remarkably, I write to you on a day that would most like to remain a place, which despite rain could be an active time, when we could all be so productive taking samples of hair, nails, and skin, growing them inside our desk blenders. You’d use a food processor yourself,

"it is similar to all others"

the kind of disturbance that comes up when flying over a kind of disturbance that startled: believe it s called "turbulence" and occurs when flying over turb and slowed down by excess that is the kind of f over viewed out the tiny window shuttered in plastic as though in a giant plastic wrap when believe it oh y believe it like finding a bottle of bleach under yr seat


Marcella Durand is the author of AREA and Traffic & Weather. Her collaboration with Tina Darragh, Deep Eco Pre, is forthcoming this winter from Little Red Leaves.

Dictionary of Insolid Things

MARCELLA DURAND's new chapbook, Rays of the Shadow, is out this fall from Tent Editions.

The Proteins

Marcella Durand is currently the editor of the Poetry Project Newsletter and the co-editor of an anthology of contemporary French poetry (Talisman, forthcoming).


Marcella Durand's latest publications is Le Jardin de M. (Garden of M.), translated by Olivier Brossard into French (éditions joca seria, 2016). Her other books include Deep Eco Pré, a collaboration with Tina Darragh, AREA, Traffic & Weather, Western Capital Rhapsodies, City of Ports and Lapsus Linguae.


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