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Mallery Avidon

MALLERY AVIDON is a playwright based in Seattle and New York.

When It Comes to Tennessee, Target Margin Doesn’t Blanche

What do you think of when you think of Tennessee? Maybe it’s New Orleans or St. Louis, the Kindness of Strangers, Glass Figurines, Brick and Maggie and No-Neck Monsters, drinking, fighting, repressed homosexuality, animal passions and Heat.


On a very rainy day in May, on the corner of Gay Street and Waverly, Madeleine George and I had coffee in the West Village to talk about The Zero Hour.

In Dialogue

Gregory S. Moss Is Not A Prodigy

Greg has been doing theater since he was eight but he didn’t consider himself a playwright until he did a three week workshop with Paula Vogel in Florida in 2005. In those three weeks he wrote two full-length plays, a one-act, and a bunch of shorter pieces.

In Dialogue

Crafting Your Weirdness* with Dan LeFranc

In October Dan LeFranc and I went and had Cambodian food on Wickenden Street in Providence, Rhode Island, where we both live. I had never had Cambodian food before. It was delicious.


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