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Malcolm Wyer

Malcolm Wyer--in the name of literary theory--aims to push poetry to the brink of extinction.

A Mountain Where Less is More

An early scene in Treeless Mountain, the austere and elegant second feature by Korean-born director So Yong Kim, depicts six-year-old Jin nervously waiting at the dinner table after her worried mother answers a knock at the door.

Inept, Righteous, and Extremely Prolific

Atom Egoyan’s ambitious eleventh feature Adoration plays like a retrospective of the director’s three decades of film work.

Too Much Moore

Michael Moore’s new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, epitomizes all for which Moore is already notorious. In a sweeping indictment of the free-market capitalist system, Moore turns a hugely complex and exciting argument into a simple little lesson of Anne Coulter-level common sense.


In the press notes for his new film, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, director Werner Herzog dismisses comparisons to Abel Ferrara’s original Bad Lieutenant.

Meta-Documentary of a Meta-Documentary

Director Alexander Olch chose an unlikely subject for his first feature film: another documentary filmmaker, one with two hundred plus hours of footage about himself. Actually, Olch kind of fell into the job.


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