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Kyoung H. Park

KYOUNG H. PARK is the first Korean playwright from Latin America to be produced and published in the United States. He is author of Sex and Hunger, disOriented, Walkabout Yeolha, TALA, PILLOWTALK, and many short plays including Mina, which is published in Seven Contemporary Plays from the Korean Diaspora in the Americas by Duke University Press. He is Artistic Director of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat, a peacemaking theater company, and co-founder of The Sol Project.

In Dialogue

Madness and Martyrdom in La Divina Caricatura
LEE BREUER with Kyoung H. Park

In the 42 years since Mabou Mines’s founding in 1970, Lee Breuer has directed some of the most seminal pieces of the American avant-garde, including adaptations of Beckett’s Play, Come and Go, and The Lost Ones, The Gospel at Colonus, Mabou Mines Lear, Peter and Wendy, Mabou Mines DollHouse, and groundbreaking, international productions such as Comedie-Francaise’s Un Tramway Nommé Désir.

In Conversation

Wrestling Alligators:
HILARY BETTIS with Kyoung H. Park

Hilary Bettis’s Alligator is a gritty play that explores identity through the story of seven young adults facing tumultuous life transitions. Each of them is searching for love, forgiveness, and the meaning of life.


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