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Kimrey Anna Batts

KIMREY ANNA BATTS' literary translations have appeared in Rocinante magazine and she has done a variety of journalistic translation work for the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. At the end of 2014, her translation of Santiago Vizcaínos book of short stories Matricide (Matar a mama) will be published by La Caí­da Press (Buenos Aires).


On the morning upon which the woman appeared to give her testimony, the prosecutor was much more riled up than usual. The previous day he had been presented with a fellow who had killed his mother. He had strangled her on the floor with his bare hands.

Music Below Ground

The abuelo was a son of a bitch. He would beat his wife into unconsciousness. His children would scream through the locked bedroom door as he pummeled her with his bare fists. And yet, in his right and sober mind, he was the most serene fellow in the world.


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SEPT 2023

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