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Kathryn Enright

KATHRYN ENRIGHT is a dance artist, educator, and photographer currently based in Brussels, Belgium (though part of her still lives in Brooklyn).

Some Experiments, Curiously Intertwined, on Time, the Body, and the Nature of What I Do Over Here

The following is a speech I gave over Skype from Vienna, Austria, to an audience in New York City. I was asked by CCR (the Center for Creative Research) to weigh in on ideas of practice.

The Latin Vibe Trying on salsa’s swirling hips

It is all in the music. If you just listen to the music, your body will follow. Don’t be concerned with flashy steps, just start to feel the rhythm, listen to what your body has to say.It is all in the music. If you just listen to the music, your body will follow.

Breaking Ground: Dance Charrette

The young daughter of an audience member sitting to my right kept warning her mother, “The dancers are going to get dirty,” as they brushed against the walls of the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo.

Work from the Heart (and then some): Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People’s Retrospective Exhibitionist

Wearing a green hat, a blonde wig, red sneakers, and nothing else, Gutierrez walks onto the Dance Theater Workshop stage, places a mirror on the back wall, checks out his floppy musculature, and walks off, leaving us staring at a black wall and our own reflections.

Fostering an Underrepresented Dance Audience: Dancers

Six nights, 30 companies, $10 a pop: Earlier this year, City Center offered dance lovers a feast with the Fall for Dance Festival. Anyone who has calculated the median age of audience members at the city’s larger dance theaters (or of the reviewers, for that matter) can tell you that the dance world is desperate for new blood.


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