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John G. Rodwan Jr.

JOHN G. RODWAN, JR. lives in Brooklyn.

Fiction: Honeymoon Humiliation

While Ian McEwan puts two characters, newlyweds Edward Mayhew and Florence Ponting, at the center of On Chesil Beach, their times concern him as much as their individual experiences.

Nonfiction: Killer Dreams

Danny Lyon calls Like a Thief’s Dream “the story of a journalist and a thief,” but that’s not a precise description. Lyon, a photographer and filmmaker, says he did not study journalism and uses apologetic quotation marks when he calls himself a reporter.

Nonfiction: Road Rollins

From late July to early September 2006, the Rollins Band toured the United States with punk-rockers-with-staying-power X. The version of the band with Sim Cain on drums, Melvin Gibbs on bass, Chris Haskett on guitar and Theo Van Rock on sound, which recorded the albums Weight and Come in and Burn, had last performed together in 1997.

Hitchens in Love

The book revisits ideas, issues and incidents he addresses in other works. His polemic is the culmination of a career spent arguing against weak-mindedness, which religious belief is by definition. Beyond being disputatious, however, Hitchens does offer an alternative to faith, something he has also advocated elsewhere: in a word, literature.


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