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Joe Maggio

JOE MAGGIO was nominated for a 2001 Independent Spirit Award for his film Virgil Bliss.

The Conflict Between Past and Present: A Retrospective of the Films of Su Friedrich

Williamsburg film and video artist Su Friedrich will be the subject of a mid-May retrospective at Anthology Film Archives.

Moms Just Want to Have Fun

Set against the underground music and avant-garde art scene in New York, Margarita Happy Hour Focuses on the lives of five disreputable women who meet in the afternoon to drink and compare notes on love, sex and motherhood.

exchange: Hal Hartley & Joe Maggio

Hal Hartley’s latest film, The Girl From Monday, premiered at Sundance last month. Milk + Honey, the second film by Brooklyn’s Joe Maggio, premiered at Sundance last year and will open at the Quad on March 18.

Brooklyn Goes to Slamdance

The Slamdance Film Festival was born in 1994 when four LA- based filmmakers, angered that their films were rejected by the Sundance Film Festival, decided to stage their own festival, right across the street from Park City’s Egyptian Theater, home to Sundance’s most prestigious premieres.

Tobacco Jones

We all smoke, although my parents don’t know it. My sister Martha is the oldest and it’s hardest for her because she still lives in Buffalo, not even a mile from my parents’ house. Both she and her husband Dick smoke, but they can’t do it in the house.


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