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Jessica Weiss

Jessica Weiss is a dancer and writer based in New York.


Inserting a Bit of Nature into our own Asphalt Jungle: Jennifer Monson / Bird Brain takes its final flight

We started out in the elevator, and scooted up to the third floor. Upon landing, we being the participants of the Jennifer Monson/Bird Brain pre-show audience migration, were directed into one of DTW’s two brilliantly sunlit studios and out onto the back terrace.


DanceBrazil presented its 27th season at the Joyce Theater (April and May) with two electrifying programs.

Conquering Greek Myth, the Bush-Kerry Debates, and Comas All at Once

I don’t like dance theater—the superficial melodrama that is steeped in pretension, the forceful cramming of music, theater, dance, and text into one piece that doesn’t allow any one element to have any true artistic weight.

Fostering an Underrepresented Dance Audience: Dancers

Six nights, 30 companies, $10 a pop: Earlier this year, City Center offered dance lovers a feast with the Fall for Dance Festival. Anyone who has calculated the median age of audience members at the city’s larger dance theaters (or of the reviewers, for that matter) can tell you that the dance world is desperate for new blood.


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