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Heidi Schreck

Heidi Schreck is an actor and playwright living in Brooklyn. She is currently playing Luciana in The Comedy of Errors in Shakespeare in the Park. Her newest play Grand Concourse will be part of the Cape Cod Theater Festival this July.

In Conversation

Hello Failure, Kristen Kosmas with Heidi Schreck

I have to admit I stole this title off the internet. Someone asked me to make a play a couple of years ago and I was feeling like I didn’t know how to do anything, So I said Sure! I’ll make a play! And it’s going to be all about failure! So I Google searched the word (not something I normally do, and not a way I normally write but) and I found all these curious facts and artifacts and websites—one of them is called The Institute of Failure—that one is really beautiful—if it still exists—and one of them was a blog called Hello, Failure with the sub headline “failure is the new success!” I’m not sure I agree with that last part, but I liked the words hello and failure together, the welcoming of it—it seemed sane to be so friendly toward it but I didn’t like the comma! Somehow the comma closes down the phrase for me. I can’t explain it exactly. It’s intuitive.

In Dialogue

In Dialogue: suffer little children: The Sturm und Drang of David Adjmi

MRS. R Stucco is so practical isn’t it? and it brings the room into three dimensions. JANET The room is in three dimensions.

Being Walt Disney: Lucas Hnath and the Theater of Celebrity

“This guy is tougher than Shakespeare,” jokes Larry Pine during a rehearsal of Lucas Hnath’s A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay about the Death of Walt Disney.

After the Fall

“After years and years of ‘wooden language’, the young Romanian playwrights are now trying to actually reinvent a spoken, everyday language, and it’s a tough battle.” —Iulia Popovici

"The Fat Lady Will Sing with Bells On": Jenny Schwartz's God's Ear

God’s Ear is both formally inventive and also psychologically grounded, a narrative arc that unfolds organically and with stunning emotional impact.


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