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Eugenie Dalland

Made in China?

The release of Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu’s latest study on fashion and culture, The Beautiful Generation, coincided with the recent Chinese New Year, an event that exemplified issues addressed in her book.

LA DÉCORATION! TOUT EST DANS CE MOT: Mallarmé’s Writings on Fashion

Stéphane Mallarmé’s fashion magazine La Dernière mode, Gazette du monde et de la Famille has long presented something of a conundrum for those lucky enough to come upon it.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Fashion and Socialist Politics

FashionEast, opens with a self-evident, though provocative, question: “Can fashion—a phenomenon deeply rooted in its own past and the past of Western civilization—start from zero?” The answer is implicit in the question: no, it cannot.


While Nocturnes, a collection of poetry and images, is not a tribute to the pianist, it is, in part, inspired by the same sensibilities.

Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century’s Identity Crisis

The overture of Wim Wenders’s 1989 documentary Notebook on Cities and Clothes is accompanied by the director’s voiceover on the concept of identity: The word itself gives me shivers. It rings of calm, comfort, contentedness. What is it, identity? To know where you belong? To know your self worth? To know who you are? How do you recognize identity?


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