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Ed Schad

Ed Schad's writing has been included in Art Review, Frieze, Modern Painters, Flash Art, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. His blog contains most of his writing and will re-boot with a new design later this year. Ed is also Assistant Curator at The Broad Art Foundation in Los Angeles and is working hard towards the 2015 opening of The Broad, a new contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles.

Guest Critic

“There Is a Certain Slant of Light”

I was asked by the Rail to provide an L.A. perspective, and in order to do that, I wanted to do something unusual. I want to take the pressure off the New York/Los Angeles split, not worrying about describing what is going on in Los Angeles for those that may not know.

What’s Lost is What I Want

My relationship with artists and their work continues to be difficult, unruly, and uncertain. So often am I tepid, repulsed, seduced, lost, won-over, and forced to change my mind in reconsideration either for better or worse, that it becomes more and more difficult to stamp anything in art as certified or sealed.


Jo Nigoghossian’s four new sculptures crouch together at one end of a hallway-like space in Night Gallery, just east of L.A.’s downtown. They are made of black steel: strips of sheet metal, tubing, and channel curve and twist into industrial hybrids of inanimate objects and expressive creatures.

Thinking and Looking in the Studio

I admit to being surprised when the theoretical equipment I received in graduate school came to be of little use when I started to go to art studios.

In Like a Lion

If we believe Adam Kirsch’s new book, Why Trilling Matters, remembering literary critic Lionel Trilling is to gain an idea of what it means to live a life in literature.


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