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Divya Victor

Divya Victor is the author of CURB (Nightboat Books); KITH, a book of verse, prose memoir, lyric essay and visual objects (Fence Books/ Book*hug); NATURAL SUBJECTS (Trembling Pillow, Winner of the Bob Kaufman Award); UNSUB (Insert Blanc); and THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR MOUTH (Les Figues).


Divya Victor is the author of Natural Subjects (Trembling Pillow, 2015), UNSUB (Insert/Blanc, 2015), Things To Do With Your Mouth (Les Figues, 2014), Swift Taxidermies 1919-1922 (GaussPDF, 2014), Goodbye John! On John Baldessari (GaussPDF, 2012), PUNCH (GaussPDF, 2011) and Partial Derivative of the Unnameable (Troll Thread, 2012); and the chapbooks Hellocasts by Vanessa Place (2011) and SUTURES (2009). She lives in the United States and Singapore.

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Divya Victor is the author of Kith (Fence Books/ Book Thug), Natural Subjects (Trembling Pillow, Winner of the Bob Kaufman Award), UNSUB (Insert Blanc), & Things To Do With Your Mouth (Les Figues). She lives in the United States and Singapore, where she is Assistant Professor of Poetry and Writing at Nanyang Technological University.

In Conversation

Interdiasporic Frequencies: Divya Victor & Ariel Resnikoff

each letter, oiled with the familiar / flinty viridescence of mackerel, apostolic & fluttering down / wiped with the edge of a lungi, the frayed plaid dotting / tea terraces warbling with a green / so wet it rivers my lap, so wet it migrates my throat—from CURB, “Milestone 3 (We Are at Ease in Our Silence)” btwn the the tiny steel frame door a small concrete portal / & a stowaway—from Unnatural Bird Migrator, “Third Space”


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