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David Marcus

DAVID MARCUS was the much-loved editor of numerous anthologies of Irish fiction and poetry.

Leon Golub

In the dwindling years of the Eisenhower era, painter Leon Golub undertook a series of large scale works which sought to encapsulate mankind’s panhistoric conflict within a singular metaphor: the male body under ‘duress.’

Till Gerhard

Till Gerhard’s painterly eye has been singed by the coruscations of a too-explosive LSD trip. Objects in his paintings either gleam too brightly, or disappear into shadow. Splotches of neon paint dapple his surfaces like retinal floaters, imbuing each work with a hallucinatory aura befitting, to a clichéd T, the era from which his narratives are drawn.


Aporetic is perhaps the most fitting adjective to describe the show currently on view at EFA gallery.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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