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Corrie Pikul

Corrie Pikul is a writer based in Brooklyn.

There Goes the Neighborhood: Luxury Condo Threatens to Destroy Fort Greene’s Historic Charm

Residents expressed disbelief that a building of this size would be permitted within the Fort Greene Historic District. But that main point of confusion for the citizens is the saving grace of the developers: 383 Carlton Avenue is contiguous with the Historic District, but does not technically fall within its protective boundaries.

Fiction: Some Girls

Today, the 1970s sometimes seem as distant and inscrutable as the Middle Ages. In her sparkling new novel, The Last of Her Kind, Sigrid Nunez illuminates that complicated time by introducing us to several characters who are still a product of that age.

Historical Fiction: Bridging the Dream

Watching traffic zoom through the massive, gate-like pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s hard to believe that for much of New York’s history, this simple, solid landmark was considered a pipe dream, an impossible feat of engineering.

Fiction : Desperate Housewives, Japan-style

Out, the first of Natsuo Kirino’s work to be translated into English, is billed as a thriller—it won Japan’s Grand Prix for crime fiction and was a finalist for the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Allen Poe Award—but it’s also a bold satire of the lives of working-class Japanese women.

Culture: Wild girls

We don’t really need an introduction to the “female chauvinist pig,” because we’ve already seen her, heard her, had drinks with her, been compared to her, and possibly even emulated her. She’s the radio host bragging about her implants on-air; she’s the heterosexual co-ed making out with her best friend at a frat party.


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