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Claudia Acevedo-Quiñones

CLAUDIA ACEVEDO-QUIÑONES was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

She lives and writes in Hampton Bays, NY.

2015 Pushcart nominees
Fiction, the Brooklyn Rail

Reason, however, had soured on the vine. That and civilization itself, which struck me now as rotting ever onward—zombielike. I rejected them both at once and turned to the jungle in favor of a savage’s noble heart. Almost immediately, I was assaulted by a wind of a most disgusting nature—a hot, sulfurous wind, not for the faint of heart. I stuck my nose in it only to draw conclusions, mind you, and came away convinced that all forms of life must have a common ancestry. So much for the jungle. —from Russell by Daniel Grandbois

Short Shorts

I tried to shove an octopus into a drawer. Whenever I pushed in one side of her, the other would pop out, sillyputtied and tentacled, like dough from a biscuit tube.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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