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Christine Schutt

Christine Schutt is the author of two short story collections and three novels. Her most recent novel, Prosperous Friends, is now available in paperback,

The Ancestor of Hearts

The fur coat she was wearing hung as heavy as a child on her shoulders, and she looked stunned, arrived somehow by taxi, livery cab? Fleeced? Mrs. DePour’s large alligator bag was open.

MILO- A Conversation Between Christine Schutt and Diane Williams

Christine Schutt (CS): She was no taller than a small door. Her hair was entirely one color, no other shades. She was efficient in all the domestic arts, but all she could say in English at this point was: “Glad to meet you,” “Too bad about the weather,” and “No one does it better than a slam dunker”—whatever that meant. She knew no other words of English. All to the better, thought Milo.


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