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Caroline Koebel

CAROLINE KOEBEL is a filmmaker and writer in Austin, Texas.

Imaging Her Erotics: Carolee Schneemann

September 2001, amidst 9/11 fallout, Carolee Scheming came to Buffalo, New York (where I live) as part of a visiting speaker’s series at the University of Buffalo.

Hair Snarl: the Aesthetic Body in the Order of Things

But rather than surveying Polish Women Artists Films of the ’70s and ’80s as a whole, I want to look closely at how the films of three of the artist-filmmakers, Zofia Kulik, Ewa Partum, and Teresa Tyszkiewicz, offer particular insight into an international dialogue about the possibilities of the body in art during these two decades.

Frederick Wiseman's Boxing Gym

Frederick Wiseman’s Boxing Gym focuses the director’s trademark observational eye on Lord’s Gym in Austin, Texas. The gym, managed and co-owned by Richard Lord (with his wife Lori), bespeaks American Pluralism in the ideal, with its own organs, causality, language, and belief structure.


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