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Caroline A. Jones

teaches in the Department of Architecture at M.I.T., where she is also Associate Dean in the School of Architecture and Planning. Her current research into art collaborating with biotic materials will inform a fall 2022 exhibition, Symbionts, at the MIT List Visual Art Center.

Reinstallation and the Real

Without the copy, the “original” could scarcely be conceived. After all, it was the centuries-long education from copies that impelled Pliny to sigh over the Greek-made/Roman-commissioned Laocoön as “a work to be preferred to all others.”

Symbiontics: a view of present conditions from a place of entanglement

The specifics demanded of pandemical philosophy call up the paradox of connection at a distance. Connection forged by the act of communication across a few feet of air, that can nonetheless vector thousands of virions, expelled from the breath of a single speaker.1 (These are the unwitting microbial aggressions that connect us as linked vectors of a pathogen.) Connection across antagonistic lines, as bodies classed and raced by governmentality are literally (op)pressed by other bodies deposed to govern them with intimate, grinding, daily violence. (These are the witting macro- and micro-aggressions that connect us via the flexible ligaments of divisive racism.)


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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