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Ben Keating

BEN KEATING was born in Brooklyn, New York; he lives in Brooklyn, New York and works between Mana Contemporary, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York.

Poems for Robert Motherwell

One of the first art books I bought as an art student was H.H. Arnason’s handsome volume on Robert Motherwell. (I’ve always admired Motherwell’s keen graphic sensibility synthesized with his particular painterly eloquence, as well as his life as an intellectual/artist who simultaneously embraced the co-existence of solitude and cosmopolitanism.) The following is a selection of works that reaffirmed my memory, with on-the-spot thoughts written as an homage to the artist.

Ben Keating

What sets an arts space apart is its ability to be a part of art embracing process in front and behind the event of art making.

See you soon America

Benjamin Keating: Born Brooklyn NY – Works Brooklyn/Jersey City.


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SEPT 2023

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