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Beatrice Barbareschi

Barbareschi is an MA student at NYU. pursuing experimental performance and dance.

Bill T. Jones' A Quarreling Pair at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

This October, Bill T. Jones and his company were back in New York City, performing A Quarreling Pair at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Jones’s mesmerizing dance theater piece takes as a starting point a short 1945 puppet play by Jane Bowles, in which two sisters incessantly quarrel over their different needs and desires.

Childhood Play as Wild as She Remembers

In November, HERE Arts Center artist–in–residence Faye Driscoll presented 837 Venice Boulevard, a 59-minute dance theater piece inspired by the raw emotions of childhood and the often violent relations that erupt from child play.

Puzzlingly True

More than a congruent theatrical piece, the dance and technology fusion entitled True, performed this November at Japan Society, feels like an extra-ordinary series of events in which light, sound, objects, and movement all perform with the same force.


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