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Andrew Berardini

Andrew Berardini. Born in California, lives in Los Angeles. Writer, occasional editor, reluctant curator. Teacher at the Mountain School of Art. Art Book Review co-founder. Warhol/Creative Capital Arts Writer Grantee. Author recently of the memoirish Danh Vo: Relics (Mousse, 2015) and the unfinished Standard Book of Colors.

When I See a Train, I Want to Take It in My Arms

Raymond Pettibon with the sparest of lines and simplest of words made me unashamed to love odd beauty, to pass through struggle and embrace my own weird affections and subtle intuitions without self-consciousness. His work haunts me.

The Inferno Where We Live Every Day

Look beneath the floorboards, one trauma nestles into the next. Limbs enfold and shiver in the darkness. Across bruised skin, roadmaps of scars lead nowhere good, cigarette burns and whiplashes, a crisscross of razoring, spider-webbing from broken glass.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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