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Allison Lirish Dean

Allison Lirish Dean is a journalist and urban planner who is currently working with FUREE to produce a short documentary film about the effects of redevelopment in downtown Brooklyn.

Fury on the Streets

Just across from Ingersoll Houses on the other side of Flatbush Avenue looms Metrotech, an office park built in the 1980’s that was supposed to revitalize a blighted downtown Brooklyn. For Ingersoll residents like Rachel Ford, Metrotech has come to symbolize the broken promises of urban renewal and the growing doubt that coming development will bring anything better for low income residents.

The Soul of a Streetscape

“I wouldn’t hang out in a yuppie environment because in those places they jack up the prices. If people are dumb enough to pay so much money for a cup of coffee, then that’s how they are—”


The Brooklyn Rail

FEB 2023

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