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Alex Littlefield

Alex Littlefield lives in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared in Nylon, Paper, Radar, Slice, and Futureclaw, and on the websites of New York Magazine, Black Book, Flavorwire, and KGB Bar's Lit Journal.

A Whisperer’s World

Some singers are screechers; some are crooners. Some warble, some growl. There are vocalists we admire for their confident delivery, and others we cherish because they are vulnerable, or funny, or just flat-out bad. (There’s a reason, after all, that Janis Joplin made it into the canon, and it’s not because she was a shoo-in for American Idol.)

A Mash Note Written in a Foreign Language

From the very beginning, Here We Go Magic has had a life of its own. Founder and frontman Luke Temple was in the middle of a robust solo career when he came up with the evocative phrase as a catch-all for a certain kind of arresting, unpolished musical aesthetic—specifically the one on his early four-track demos.


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SEPT 2023

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