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Yayoi Shionoiri

Yayoi Shionoiri is an interdisciplinary artist advocate who lives in Brooklyn. Instagram: @yayoi_shionoiri

Cultivating Wildness: Supporting the Creativity of Artists

The artist is the star soloist of the performance, and any arts worker who works in an artist studio—whatever position they hold—must understand that the crux of their job is to give the artist an environment at center stage to be free and creative. There is a certain intangible origin of the imagination from which ideas emerge and crystallize into artistic production. Such a birthing process requires the artist to harness the possibility for expression, free of constraint or limitation, and, in doing so, perhaps tap into a pure, unadulterated version of themselves.

Yayoi Shionoiri

Suffice to say that ME’s cryptic description did not even begin to prepare me for the experience that was the Reborn-Art Festival.


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FEB 2023

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