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Sara Farrington

Sara Farrington is a playwright and co-founder of Foxy Films, her theater company with director Reid Farrington. Her most recent piece is BrandoCapote. More on her work can be found at

In Conversation

SEAN DONOVAN with Sara Farrington

The Reception is this hypnotic dance theater piece about an eerily unraveling party where guests nightmarishly repeat stories and gestures, stopping short when they hear the room creak, like ship rigging ready to snap. I fell in love with The Reception, felt lucky to watch it develop over three years.

Power & Punk: New York's Avant Garde Lifers

My inaugural interview is with Kate Valk, who has worked with the legendary Wooster Group since 1979. Valk and founding director Elizabeth LeCompte are New York's avant garde elder stateswomen, defining and redefining experimental theater for a generation.


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