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Nolan Kelly

Nolan Kelly is a writer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Janine Antoni: I am fertile ground

I am fertile ground is a piece imbued with the themes of Antoni’s work—the body as an artistic tool, both for making and meaning-making, which corresponds to the art objects that will inevitably outlast it. Her work as a product hinges upon her physical form in the time she makes it, a period sometimes as specific and short as the instant of a photograph.

Maria Stepanova’s In Memory of Memory

This sense of bewilderment, of a past that is both accessible and impossible to decipher, is the real subject of Maria Stepanova’s In Memory of Memory, translated from the Russian by Sasha Dugdale. Its ostensible subject is her own genealogy, going back through four generations of Russian Jews, which is presented to the reader like a cadaver on a table—all parts intricately connected and covered in film, both sticky and slippery to the touch. Stepanova is less interested in holding these parts up to the light than she is in recording her horror at the death of her history, its inability to speak for itself, and the plethora of morbidities which could inform its cause of death.

Andrei Monastyrski’s Elementary Poetry

This anthology assembles the poetic compositions of the poet and performer scarcely known in this country, but influential in Russia since the days of the Soviet Union. Monastyrski’s poems call for action, and by their very nature draw attention to the activity of reading.

Motor City Underground: Leni Sinclair Photographs 1963–1978

Unlike so many other exhibition monographs—which are often treated as something between a program guide and show souvenir—Motor City Underground presents detailed reproductions of Sinclair’s photographs, often blown up to full-page, alongside a wide variety of testimony. The range of dates and sources across which these statements are culled suggests years of research combing through a decade’s worth of underground missives—the type of ephemera that does not often make it into digital archives.


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