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Michela Moscufo

Michela Moscufo is the Development Associate at the Brooklyn Rail.


A show at turns multicolored and monstrous, “SEED” opened at Paul Kasmin on the eve of the summer solstice, with a packed house.

To Signify Dreams on the Surface of the Body

Digging through tattered piles of mass-produced garments Rivkah Barringer and Amanda McGowan, founders of the fashion collective Women’s History Museum (WHM), hungrily scavenge for evidence of past luxury.

The Ghosts of Italy’s ’68

The Galleria Nazionale, dependent until now on deeply carved historical narratives of 20th century painting and enamored with its canon, has decided to reject all its institutional decorum and pledges allegiance to the promises of ’68.

The Maps of The Settlers

A packed house at the Film Society at Lincoln Center hangs perpendicular—staring straight down at a mottled beige satellite map that hovers beneath.

In Conversation

DAVID CASAVANT with Michela Moscufo

On the 75th floor of an apartment tower that overlooks the fork of New York City’s two great rivers, stylist David Casavant lives with his archive.


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