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Maymanah Farhat

Maymanah Farhat is a writer and curator living and working in California.

Sirkhane Darkroom’s i saw the air fly

Photographs produced using this mobile darkroom for children capture mundane carefree scenes. The overall feeling of this poignant book is that children are not only inquisitive but resilient, even experimental, and that no matter the context, photography will always be magical.

Andrés Hernández’s we used to move through the city like doves in the wind

A book of delicate autobiographical drawings tells the story of two lovers’ forced separation. The book’s 5.5 inch-square format complements the intimate nature of its captioned images, as holding the book in one hand and flipping its pages with the other feels like unfolding a note that has been passed in secret.

Jordan Stein’s Rip Tales: Jay DeFeo’s Estocada & Other Pieces

This takes the idea of an artwork that has gone from creation, to destruction, to reanimation as the premise for a book that offers a much-needed glimpse into the ecology of the Bay Area art scene. It presents a template for how documentation and analysis can be used to honor the region’s idiosyncratic art making practices.

Hoda Afshar’s Speak The Wind

These photographs summon the ghosts of the Strait of Hormuz, alluding to the psychic energy that lies beneath the sediments of the arid islands. These are perceptive portraits of men and women who appear undeterred by the harshness of the environment and its various elements, outwardly confident in a centuries-old ability to weather such forces.


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