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Linda Dalrymple Henderson

Linda Dalrymple Henderson is the David Bruton, Jr. Centennial Professor in Art History, Emeritus, at The University of Texas at Austin.  Her book project, Ether and the Energies of Modernism: Art, Science, and Occultism in the Early 20th Century recovers the long-overlooked history of science as popularly known in the late 19th and early 20th century, which served as a crucial stimulus for modern artists and writers as well as for the occultists to whom they often responded.

Discovering Duchamp through the “Fourth Dimension” in 1971

In 1970 the Stedelijk Museum’s first major Kazimir Malevich exhibition had revealed his use of “Fourth Dimension” in his titles. And, most importantly, there was a clue in the entry for Duchamp’s 1920 Rotary Glass Plates in the 1968 catalog of the MOMA exhibition The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age.


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