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Laura Valenza

Laura Valenza is a film editor at the Brooklyn Rail. Her most recent short story explores gender and film in Gulf Coast’s online exclusives.

Emma Dante’s The Macaluso Sisters

The Macaluso Sisters follows five orphaned sisters who rent doves as they deal with the grief and ramifications of the youngest sister’s death during a childhood adventure at the beach. The film follows the sisters—some of whom are played by multiple actresses—over the course of their lives. The Macaluso Sisters was a 2020 Venice International Film Festival Official Selection, and was released in American theaters this August.

The 59th New York Film Festival

While The Tragedy of Macbeth and Parallel Mothers focus on legacy and inheritance, an interesting trend of the other films is the emphasis on children's perspectives as they learn about the corruption of our world.

Aaron Baker’s The Baseball Film

The Baseball Film is as much about the history of film as it is about the history of Major League Baseball. Baker weaves together conversations in sports and film to create a critical guidebook that surveys the work done on baseball in both film studies and historical studies of the sport.

Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Medusa

This film is a nightmarish trip—though ultimately empowering—touring the myriad ways in which women keep each other down. Medusa (which opened in New York and LA on July 29th) is the next feminist cult classic following the legacy of films like Promising Young Woman (2020) and The Witch (2015).

The 60th New York Film Festival

An indie art film, a historical biopic, and an adventurous satire from this fall’s festival. Oh my!


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