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Lara Moreno

Lara Moreno is a Spanish novelist, poet, and short fiction writer. Her work includes the collections of short fiction Casi todas las tijeras/Almost All the Scissors (Quórum, 2004) and Cuatro veces fuego/Four Times Fire (Tropo, 2008), as well as the novels Si se va la luz/If the Power Goes Out (Lumen, 2013) and Piel de lobo/Wolfskin (Lumen, 2016). In 2017, she was named guest editor at Caballo de Troya, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Black Gold

Her name was Claudia. She was six years old and had straight, copper hair. This story could be true. It could be, if my memory was good enough. But I don’t trust it. Not the story, or my memory.

Memories for Olga

I can manage to recall when it all began, but I no longer have a clear conviction that we were doing something worthwhile.

Imperfect Future

This morning, I ran into you in the park. Your knack for smiling in spite of everything, for regretting nothing, infuriates me.


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