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Karen Hildebrand

Karen Hildebrand is former editorial director for Dance Magazine and served as Dance Teacher editor in chief for a decade. She lives in Clinton Hill.

Horse, the solos

The seven soloists move in and out of the center spotlight, sometimes performing at the edges, sometimes as a mere shadow in the rear. They lunge with a hip jutted, one arm dangling limply at the side; shrug a shoulder; twist around on their heels, extending arms into a rigid tee, hands drooping at the wrist. Pairs and small groupings emerge accidentally, emphasizing the fleeting connection in our lives during quarantine.

WORKSession in Four Walls

Interdisciplinary artists all, for WORKSession in Four Walls they showcase their common language of the dancing body, beautifully depicted in four unique ways.

In Conversation

Chris Masters and Eva Yaa Asantewaa with Karen Hildebrand

In a new evening length work at BAM Fisher, Masters invites spectators to collaborate.

Yoshiko Chuma’s Shockwave Delay

Shockwave Delay, a two and a half hour “unscripted docudrama” of twenty overlapping chapters performed by a rotating cast of musicians, actors, and dancers, is like one of those kinetic sculptures where a ball travels through a complex course of loops, turns, triggers, and traps that goes on and on until you’re sure, yes, this section is the home stretch. But no, it’s not the end.


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