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Judith C. Lovell

Judith C. Lovell is a Brooklyn based writer and historian. Her works include “Papa’s Letters.” She has written, directed, and produced “Moore Than We Bargained For,” an Isaac Lieberman Award-winning play about AIDS. She can be found on Twitter @crystalparris, and Instagram @papasletters.

Theater is Refreshing With The Watering Hole

Writer Judith C. Lovell reflects and explores the ways in which Signature Theatre’s immersive theatrical production of Lynn Nottage’s The Watering Hole reimagines a post-pandemic theater.

The Unsinkable Dramatizations of Titanic

Theatrical iterations of Titanic, and detailings of what happened on the night of Sunday, April 14, 1912, will do anything but sink. Over the past 109 years since the RMS Titanic disaster, the theater has kept the memory of that historic maiden voyage afloat.


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