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Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

JESSIE JEFFREY DUNN ROVINELLI is a filmmaker, critic, editor, and colorist living in Brooklyn, NY.

A Methodone Film: On Ashley McKenzie’s Werewolf

Tracing a sequence of small moments in the lives of two methadone clients in Nova Scotia, the debut feature by director Ashley McKenzie, is something like a series of small disidentifications, feints, and tweaks on various film formulas.

I Forgot Myself

I'd been in Berlin last year during the Berlinale, but I'd made a conscious decision to avoid it. I was there to meet with the publisher of a German language novel by Ronald M. Schernikau, und als der prinz mit der kutscher tanzte, wären sie so schön daß der ganze hof in ohnmacht fiel. ein utopische film, which I was adapting into what would become my second feature, So Pretty.


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