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Hadley Suter

Hadley Suter is a Lecturer in French at Barnard College.

Kour Pour: Manzareh/Keshiki/Landscape

Pour sources his inspiration primarily from Persian and Japanese traditions, as indicated by his title—Manzareh and Keshiki both mean something close to Landscape, in Farsi and Japanese (they are often translated as “view” or “scenery”), though India and China are present, too. The result, though culturally variegated, is esthetically and chromatically coherent—and quite breathtaking.

Greg Burak: Visitations

Burak’s technique, in which curves are camouflaged into a general flatness of surface, can also serve as a parable for the content of the artist’s works. His paintings here invariably feature people who at first appear—through their norm-core clothing and the simple comforts of their home interiors—as somewhat flat and anesthetized archetypes of middle-class middle America.

Richanda Rhoden

Another day, another famous artist’s wife discovered to have been an artist herself. This time it’s Richanda Rhoden, a Native American painter mostly known for being married to the sculptor John Rhoden. Though she painted every day until her death—just shy of her 100th birthday—in December 2016, this exhibition at Soloway Gallery in Williamsburg is the first exhibition of Rhoden’s work.


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