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Everett Narciso

Everett Narciso is an artist and writer based beyond New York.

pear ware: I love you, I think

When a three-person collaborative becomes a two-person team, the connections that bonded the whole need to be reevaluated. Through I love you, I think , Mika Agari and Carol Hu begin the process of discovering what it means to continue a collaboration in the face of notable absence.

Diana Sofia Lozano: Suspended in the Iris

Lozano’s installation is an intricate entanglement of braided metal vines, clusters of pale yellow woolen pods, and violet resin-clay petals. In the center of this twisting, sinuous network, the petals rest in iridescent blue and white striations.

Sally J. Han: Foreplay

Each of Sally J. Han’s 18 paintings, ranging from 8 x 8 to 20 x 24, are executed in an illustrative style. Their naturalism, conveyed as though from the instantaneously rendered stillness of a snapshot, is at odds with the patient and calculated application of paint and ink, and the feeling of eeriness eking from their atmosphere.


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SEPT 2023

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