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Erica N. Cardwell

Erica Cardwell is a writer and critic based in Brooklyn and Toronto. She was awarded a 2021 Arts Writers grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for her book, Wrong is Not My Name, which will be published by The Feminist Press in 2023. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Frieze, Hyperallergic, BOMB, C Mag, Art in America, CULTURED and more.


Chronology, the winner of the 2019 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Memoir, is a nonfiction collage of emails, journal entries, press releases, theory, and short bits of theatrical dialogue, producing an appropriate pastiche for the contemporary multimedia-trained brain. It is a hybrid text formulated from one’s personal archive, which is notable for the photographs and other ephemera tucked into the pages.

N.H. Pritchard’s The Matrix and EECCHHOOEESS

These poetry collections exemplify the literary innovation of this era—a commitment to the pursuit and study of sound and a symbolic resistance to legibility. Pritchard’s poetry illustrates a specific tenant of jazz poetics: words are more malleable when deconstructed.

Pope.L, My Kingdom for a Title

Equal parts a peek at the artist’s sketchbook and a career retrospective through Pope.L’s iterative textual analysis, this book enlivens the artist’s fascination with language as a core mode of inquiry.


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