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Eli Winter

Eli Winter is a musician and writer based in Chicago. He is a 2021 Luminarts Fellow in Creative Writing. New music is forthcoming.

Transmissions from the Pleroma and Stephen Housewright’s ​​Partners

Two books attempt to give the artists’ work the things it seems to resist: categorization, description, intelligibility. The books complement one another: Transmissions is the most comprehensive collection of Hunt’s working life to date, and Partners offers a valuable window into Hunt’s personal life.

Rated RX: Sheree Rose with and after Bob Flanagan

Howard argues that Rose has been regarded as an afterthought in Flanagan’s work, while her own performance, photography, sculpture, and video goes ignored. The book positions itself as a corrective, compiling essays, poetry and photographs from Rose, interviews and scholarship on her work with Flanagan, and rare archival materials.


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SEPT 2023

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