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Edward Frumkin

Edward Frumkin is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, critic, and podcaster. He has written for The Film Stage, BOMB Magazine, and the Brooklyn Rail. He hosts the podcast reelprint.

Fox Maxy’s Gush and Maat

This 71-minute, free-associative collage analyzes the effects of mental health, social media, and sharing oneself with the world. Its mind-boggling structure makes Gush’s time-traveling spectacle mundane and, instead, opens up conversations about how we function and perceive information, leaving little room for blanket statements.

Carlos Conceição’s Tommy Guns

The genre-bending war and B-horror flick utilizes the colonized as zombies haunting land occupiers in order to evoke the eternal hauntings of colonialism in Angola. It examines the last months of the Angolan War of Independence between the resisting denizens and the imperialist army.


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