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Dale Martin Smith

Dale Martin Smith is a poet and literary scholar in Toronto, ON, and is the author most recently of Flying Red Horse (Talonbooks). He teaches at Toronto Metropolitan University.

from Another Sky

Dale Martin Smith lives in Toronto, Ontario, and teaches at Ryerson University. With Robert J. Bertholf, he edited An Open Map: The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson (2017), available in a new paperback edition from the University of New Mexico Press.

Dale Herd’s Dreamland Court

Dreamland Court presents a complex range of human experience and desire through vernacular soundings. In a way, this book is more like an epic poem than a novel, derived from the monologues of men and women searching for the meaning to the actions of their lives, making sense, or not, of experience at the often-overlooked extremes of the so-called American Dream.


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