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Bryan Martin

Bryan Martin is an associate producer and editor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is currently working on his MA in art history at City College.

Nicole Storm

Nicole Storm’s first solo show in New York is an exuberant installation of heavily worked surfaces that combines abstract color painting and calligraphic line drawing. Occupying half of White Columns gallery, the exhibition presents a multicolored collection of two-dimensional and sculptural mixed media works with recurring visual elements.

William McKeown

William McKeown (1962–2011) was an artist who went beyond embracing the immediacy of being: he sought to capture moments of transcendental beauty by creating spaces brimming with light, framing them through a body of abstract paintings. The 22 works on display for the Irish artist’s first solo show in New York at Casey Kaplan Gallery represent this dedication to making experiential and predominantly monochromatic color fields.


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