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Ann Lauterbach

Ann Lauterbach’s most recent book is Spell from Penguin (2018).

Guest Critic

Why Poetry Now

A friend recently handed me a bumper sticker that reads WHO NEEDS POETRY. A question in the form of a statement.

Ann Lauterbach

A recent advertising flyer from the clothes designer Eileen Fisher has the picture of a woman leaping, accompanied by the line Power Moves You. Where will it take you?


Ann Lauterbach is the author of eight books of poetry, most recently Or To Begin Again, a finalist for the National Book Award in 2009. She is also the author of the prose books, The Night Sky: Writings on the Poetics of Experience, and The Given & The Chosen.


Ann Lauterbach's most recent book is Under the Sign. She teaches at Bard College.

JA Reprise

ANN LAUTERBACH is a poet and essayist. Her next book is due from Penguin in 2018. She teaches at Bard College.

What Is a Day?

To narrate oneself into a catastrophe with unknowable global consequences seems trivial, or vain, or both.

Sleepy Little Essay on Good and Evil

Try this. Better? Somewhat. It will do for the time being. Seem to make some mistakes.


Ann Lauterbach’s most recent book is Spell from Penguin (2018).


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